Leave a Legacy of Leadership

The 4th of July is just a cherry bomb away from exploding on the scene this year.  Perhaps you’ve already heard  the odd fire cracker exploding in your neighborhood as kids, eager for the excitement of a fireworks display beg parents to let them fire off a few.  Perhaps you’ve popped on a few of your own, to be sure you’ve got the real thing.  The 4th of July is all about leadership.  Had this country not been led by the stout-hearted American’s-to-be like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and the father of them all, George Washington we could be singing a rousing chorus of God Save the Queen to show our patriotism.   Our nation is relatively new compared to European, African or Asian countries.  Yet our leadership gained global power relatively quickly.  Much of the credit for this goes to the legacy of our founding fathers, whose triumphs we celebrate each year.

We can’t talk about the building of America, without mentioning the men and women who built financial empires, those who led us in war and peace or the titans of commerce.  Men like the Vanderbilt’s,  with their vast holdings and railroads.  Women like Madam C.J. Walker, whose line of hair care products were sold door to door, and made her the first black woman to become a millionaire.  Men like J.C. Penney whose legacy endures to this day.


Penney would be astounded by the power and reach of the internet.  It’s quite likely he would have been early to ecommerce because his beginnings were just as groundbreaking as any .com start-up in a garage.  You’d expect that from a man whose real name was James Cash Penney.  After all, in 1907 he moved his entire headquarters to Salt Lake City in Utah.  He saw the potential stream of cash operating near the railroads could produce.  In business they saw you’ve got to drop your bait where the fish are biting and he wanted to be right in the thick of the feeding frenzy.

Groupon has teamed up with JC Penney to offer customers better prices on merchandise than ever before.  By shopping Groupon first, customers can take advantage of coupon codes, and apply special savings to JC Penney purchases, even if there is no store in their area.  Many Americans have precious memories of buying their first suit or Easter dress from a JC Penney store.  Now you can make that purchase with the click of a mouse and be connected to his legacy from wherever you are.